How can I be part of Team Bike Challenge?

You can participate through the website or locate the Team Bike Challenge app in the App Store or Google Play.

How do I register for Team Bike Challenge?

New users can login using Facebook or G+ in the app or on the website. Don’t want to login with Facebook or G+? No problem! Create a username/account directly through the app.

I participated in Team Bike Challenge before, how do I access the new system?

We’ve made some big changes to the Team Bike Challenge system. If you participated in Team Bike Challenge in previous years you’ll need to reset your password before you can use the new system. It’s worth mentioning that you will have to re-join or create your company and teams for the new challenge.

Do registration and rides transfer between the site and the apps?

Yes! All information logged in the app or on the site will be visible in the other location.

Where do I record my rides for April?

Team Bike Challenge begins May 1 and runs through the 31st. You can, however, register in April, and then spend the rest of the month getting in shape to participate in the Challenge!


How do I create a Team?

Head to the “Friends” tab inside the app and select teams. You can join an existing team or create your own and invite your friends.

I can’t kick someone from my team.

To help keep teams fair a new policy has been implemented this year that locks teams 10 days after the competition begins. You can remove or add team members until May 10.


How do I join a company?

Head to the “Friends” tab and select Company. You’ll be able to join an existing company or create a new one.

How do I create a company team?

First, do a search to check that your company doesn’t already have a team. If it does not, visit the company tab inside the “friends” section and choose the button “Create a Company.” You can only create a new company team if you’re not already a member of an existing company team in the Challenge.

Oops! I made a company and put in wrong information. Help!

No problem. Go to the help section inside the settings and let us know which information is incorrect and how you’d like to change it.

How do I invite my colleagues to join our company team?

Tell your co-workers to search for the company team in the list and they can join freely.

Who’s this guy on my company team? He doesn’t work with us and I can’t kick them anymore.

If you have a member in your Team Bike Challenge company team but they don’t work with you, first double check that he/she really doesn’t work with you. Once you’re sure, visit the Help section inside the settings and send us a message. Be sure to include the name of the person and we’ll take care of it.

If I ride with a team that includes riders who don't work at my company, will my company get the points for my rides?

Absolutely. Every ride you take contributes to three different leaderboards: your individual scores, your company’s scores, and your team.


How do I add trips?

Click the Add Ride tab in the top right of most screens. There you’ll be able to add a starting location. From the next screen you’ll be able to add an ending location, and if the ride was one-way or round-trip.

I have an older ride that I haven’t added. I tried adding an older ride but it has today’s date instead?

To add any previous rides and edit the date to the correct one, what you’d need to do is add the ride like usual, then find it in your feed and tap on it to view the ride details. When you’re looking at the rides details, tap on the date near the top to adjust the date within the grace period.

Can I add other saved locations besides home and work?

You can add up to 5 saved locations by going to the “Profile” tab and selecting the settings cog in the top right.

I saved a location but no longer need it. Can I edit it?

If you need to make an adjustment or replace one of your saved locations, just tap the pencil icon next to that location. Saved locations can be edited from the add a ride screen or from the settings.

Why do you need my home or work address?

To make trip entry faster, we offer to save common locations for you such as “home” and “work.” This way, when you enter your trips, you can just hit a single button for the address. Only you can see these addresses, and you don’t need to fill them in if you’re not comfortable.

How do you calculate the distance for trips?

We use the Google Maps Distance Matrix to estimate trip length based on Google’s bike directions.

How are points awarded?

Points are awarded based upon the miles ridden per individual per day. The amounts are as follows:

1 Point for .01 - 10 miles

2 Points for 10.01 miles - 25 miles

3 points for 25+ miles

The maximum points an individual can gain per day is 3. Please keep in mind that the points you gain will not be reflect in your score until the following day.

As for how points will accumulate for teams and companies, if one user receives 1 point per day for 10 days, that would be a total of 10 points. Those 10 points will be added to the individual’s points, their team’s total points and their company’s total points.

If a company has 10 members and each member got 10 points per 10 days, that company would have 100 points total.

What trips count for the competition?

The competition is for promoting bicycling as everyday transportation. The rules state that rides must have a different start and end point, which is why training rides -- where you ride in a loop starting and ending in the same place -- do not count (neither do stationary bike miles). However, rides to work, run errands, go out for dinner, visit a friend, or any other destination do count.

Help! Your website isn’t working! I’m having problems trying to log in or add a ride!

As of this year our website has undergone some big changes. When adding your rides through the website you’ll have to use our new web app. Unlike the rest of our website the web app is made with a Unity web app called WebGL.

If you are experiencing any issues with the new web app, we do have some suggestions you can try:

-Make sure your browser is fully updated. Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox work best.

-Check if you have a pop up blocker or ad blocker installed as they can interfere with the web app.

-Check if you have any browser extensions that can alter or restrict webpages you visit.

-Check if your browser has accelerated hardware enabled.

-In Google Chrome you’d go to chrome’s settings page, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “Show advanced settings”. Once the advanced settings are open, scroll down again until you find “System”. Make sure that “Use Hardware acceleration when available” is checked.

-In Mozilla Firefox this setting can be found in the menu under Options>Advanced>General. Under ‘General’ you should see the option “Use hardware acceleration when available”. Make sure it is checked.

Once that is done, you will need also to clear your browser’s cache and relaunch the browser so the changes can take effect.

If you are still having problems with the web app after checking everything, please let us know so we can look further into the issue. Additionally, you can try the phone app available in the App Store and Google Play.