How do I register for Team Bike Challenge.

Check out our video on how to register for the competition


How do I create a Team?

Check out our video on Creating a Team.

How do I have my team join my company?

Teams are no longer associated with companies this year. Instead each individual can choose a Company to ride for in the Company Bike Challenge. We made this change based on feedback from riders who rode with a group of people from several companies. Check out this video on setting up a company for tips on how to invite your colleagues into your company for the company bike challenge.


How do I create a Company?

Check out our video on Creating a Company.

How do I invite my colleagues to join our Company?

The user who created the company or another company group leader should go to their company page. Click on Add Members. There they can search for users on the site and click on them to invite them to the company. They can also type in the email addresses for their colleagues to email an company invite to their colleagues. When your colleagues click on the link in the email and register, they should be added directly to the company.

If I ride with a team that includes riders who aren't in my company, will my company get the points for my rides?

Once you join a company, all your individual points will contribute to the company point total. Your teammates points will go to their company's total, whether it's the same or a different company.


How do I add trips?

Click on the Trips link on the left menu. Choose the date of your trip. Type in the address for the start and end points of your trip, or choose from the drop down menu of your saved locations. Click round trip if you rode both directions of this trip -- this will create two separate trip entries, which you can edit later. Click the Add Trip button and you should see a summary of your trip.

When I add a round trip, it only shows half my mileage?

When you record a round trip, the summary will just show one leg of your trip. Click on your trips tab and you should see trips listed for each leg of your journey.

Can I add other saved locations besides home and work?

Yes, just go to your settings menu and click on the locations tab. You can name and save locations that you visit frequently by bicycles there. The names you add in the locations menu will be available in a drop down as you add trips.

Do I have to register and record my rides on both sites?

No, we moved the Team Bike Challenge to a new site as our old system could not handle the growing size of the competition. You only need to record your rides here at teambikechallenge.com

Where do I record my rides for April?

The competition doesn't officially start until May 1st, but you can start recording your rides for April now, here on teambikechallenge.com

Why do you need my home address?

To make trip entry faster, we save common locations for you such as “home” and “work”.  This way when you enter your trips you can just type home or select it from the drop down.  Only you can see the addresses you input on the site.

How do you calculate the distance for your trips?

We use the Google Maps Distance Matrix to estimate trip length based on Google’s bike directions.

The distance you calculated for my trip is wrong, how do I change it?

You can change the distance for your trips up to 7 days after you have taken them.  Click on the “Trips” button on your profile.  Click on the trip you want to edit and type in a new distance.

What trips count for the competition

The competition is for promoting the use of the bicycle for everyday transportation. As such, the rules state that rides must have a different start and end point, thus training rides where you ride in a loop starting and ending in the same place do not count and stationary bike miles do not count. Bike rides to a store, restaurant, friend's house, or any destination do count.


What are the rules this year?

Check out the complete rules page.

What happened to rider types?

We got a lot of feedback that the rider types were hurting the competition.  Companies that had been competing for several years did not have enough “Novice” cyclists to form their teams.  The bonuses for novices were too big of a bonus and made it too hard for established teams to continue to compete.  As such, we decided to level the playing field.  Every mile biked should count the same, whether you’ve been biking for years or just started.

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